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BCH Is Committed

to the Safety of Our Guests


1. Thermal Body Temperature Scanner at entrance

2. UVC Entry Light

3. HVAC UVC lighting to kill all bacteria and viruses in the air

4. UVC sanitizing station for Cutlery and Glassware

5. Sanitizing Station for Guests (Masks, Gloves, Sanitizer)

6. All Plates, Silverware and Glassware will be disinfected, and Saran Wrapped

7. Face Masks for all employees

8. Double Protection Hat for all employees

9. Silicone Antibacterial shoes

10. Social Distancing Tables 6 feet apart

11. Plexiglass Dividers between tables

12. Plexiglass Divider between hosts and guests

13. All seats removed from the bar

14. Disinfectant Strips along ALL surfaces, to verify they are disinfected

15. Hands Free Menus

16. Gloves for all employees

17. Disinfectant lemon grass towels between each course

18. Hands Free Sinks (bathroom)

19. Hands Free Toilets (bathroom)

20. Hands Free Urinals (bathroom)

21. Hands Free Hand Towels (bathroom)

22. Disinfection fogged by authorized certified co each night

23. Provide face masks w/ logo and sterilized gloves for usage

24. Bottles of stand up Purell stations and wipes at the entrance

25. Small wipes in packets offered at all times

26. Employees all wear masks, gloves at all times

27. Close stalls with Plexiglass in bathrooms

28. Plexiglass kitchen separation

29. TableSealed wrapped every night

30. Antiviral bag - order payment - note to say, this was packaged safely by (name of employee)

31. To go from table food must be resealed in containers in front of the customer and packed in an Anti-bacterial bag

32. Birthdays -> No blowing candles (only Sparklers)

33. On front wall, Disclaimers on our process. Agreed or leave

34. Check paid on Ipad and receipt will be emailed to customers. No physical bills upon request

35. Cash handled by putting into a branded sterilized box

36. Bathrooms - Plexi Separation between sinks

37. Glove dispenser and garbage can at the entrance door to replace gloves after doing business

38. Letting # of people in the bathroom

39. Maintain social distancing at the bar

40. Plexi between preparation tables